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Housing - Finding somewhere to live

The purpose of this section of the Local Offer is to provide you with some information on the types of housing available in Medway so that you can discuss them with your family and social worker.

Rented housing or shared ownership (where you part own and part rent a property) are the main types of housing provided by the Council and Housing Associations. In both of these you will be a tenant and have to this means you will have to sign a tenancy agreement; as a tenant you will be able to able to claim welfare benefits such as Housing Benefit to pay your rent and Personal Independence Payments and Employment and Support Allowance.

For more information about Housing and Welfare Benefits please click on the link below:


       Supported Housing

Supported housing is a term used to describe housing and support services that enable people with additional needs to live independently in the community. Supported housing services are normally provided in purpose built properties for those unable to share accommodation with others, or within family homes purchased from the private market where people share the accommodation.  In shared housing people will rent a bedroom within the house, to which they have exclusive access, and share communal areas with their co-tenants.

For more information regarding: Supported Housing Frequently Asked Questions and Questions people ask a lot about Supported Housing see the downloads section of this record. 

For a real life example of someone’s experience of living in supported housing please click on the link below;

If you think you would find it difficult to live with other people in supported housing the Council provides a service called Shared Lives where people who need support live with a family in their home. The people who provide support are called Shared Lives Carers and are recruited and trainedby the Council. For more information on Shared Lives please speak to your social worker.  

To give you an idea of what sort of accommodation is used as Supported Housing we have provided some pictures of services which our partners are providing in other parts of the country. Whilst these services were not designed for those who are wheelchair users, the Council will ensure wheelchair accessible properties are provided for those who require them.

To see these pictures please see the downloads section.

      Shared Ownership

Home Ownership for People with Long Term Disabilities (HOLD) provides the opportunity for people with long term disabilities to part-purchase a home from a Housing Association. In this scenario the person would rent from the Housing Association the proportion of the property they did not own, and have a mortgage on the proportion it owns.

For more information on HOLD and Shared Ownership more generally please click on the link below;

    Social housing:

Medway Council and its Housing Association partners provide rented social housing and flats which are allocated through Kent Homechoice.  This type of accommodation is normally suitable for people with additional needs who can live independently with visiting support.  You will have to join the Councils Housing Register and bid for properties; as there are a lot of people on the Housing Register it may take a long while to get a house or flat.

For more information about Social Housing please click on the link below;

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