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Education, Health and Care plan personal budgets

Education, Health and Care plan personal budgets

There will be a small number of children whose special educational needs are not met by the support that schools can provide and for whom a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) personal budget may be an option. A larger number maybe entitled to a pb for provided by social care such as personal assistants.  Schools and colleges are funded to meet the special educational needs of children and young people with SEN up to an amount of £6,000 per year. If the school or college requires additional funding, they are able to apply to the Local Authority. A guide to SEN in schools and colleges can be found here - Funding guide for parents/carers September 2015 

Medway Council's full personal budget policy will be available to download soon.

What is an EHC plan personal budget?

An EHC plan personal budget is an amount of money available to help children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Families choose the sort of support and services they think will help children reach their agreed goals ('outcomes') as set out in an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan.

Why would I want a personal budget?

It may help you pay for additional services or activities to help reach your personal goals. Being approved for a personal budget does not mean that you will receive any more or less support than if you choose not to have a personal budget but it will give you more choice and control on how you want to be supported.

Can everyone with an EHC plan have a personal budget?

Everyone is entitled to request a personal budget. All requests will be considered individually and in line with the efficient use of public resources. If it is not possible for you to have a personal budget, then the reasons for this will be explained to you. Download the personal budget leaflet (pdf 588KB) for more detail.

What sort of support could I use a personal budget to pay for?

Personal budgets can be used for support in three areas: social care, health, and education. There are restrictions - for example, it doesn't include funding for a school place or specialist support already provided by a school - but most suggestions will be considered in line with your agreed 'outcomes'.

How do personal budgets work with other support available through my local school or college?

Schools, academies and colleges provide a range of support / specialist support for special educational needs and details of this support can be found on the individual school or college website. This is referred to as the school’s local offer.

A personal budget can work alongside the support that schools and colleges provide if further help is needed.

If I'm given a personal budget, what support will I be given to manage the budget?

The support available will vary depending on how you want to manage your personal budget.

If you want to receive your personal budget as a direct payment, Medway’s Self Directed Support Team will support you.

If you want your personal budget to be managed through your school, college or by Medway Council then you will be supported by either your school SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), by the SEN team, or by Medway Council's 0-25 Disabilities team.

Further information

Speak to your SENCo who will be able to provide further guidance.

You can download their personal budget leaflet (pdf 590KB).

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